Project Name:

Peacefulness Data Engine & Visualiser






The Danmission Peacefulness & Co-Existence Index is a data collection and analytics platform funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and conceptualised by Danish NGO Danmission to monitor near-realtime metrics that support to their efforts at peace building and co-existence in Lebanon.

The Danmission "Peacefulness & Co-Existence Index" was the first engineered Peace-Tech solution created by Karakoram as part of our Innovation Partnership with 200-year-old Danish NGO Danmission seeking technology-led solutions to global challenges.


The first joint project between Karakoram and Danmission will be an innovative data analytics and visualisation platform that will analyse and visualise near-real time peacefulness indexes in Lebanon, monitoring the impact of current and future Danmission interventions in the country.

“Danmission has been working with peacebuilding and social cohesion for decades, but in cooperation with Karakoram we now have a unique opportunity to explore innovative methods and technical solutions to better create sustainable impact for people around the world.”

Line Ramsdal, Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa at Danmission

This project began with remote user research (Lebanon was off limits to in-person travel due to COVID) and progressed to production and technology of a new data ingestion tool which uses Arabic language social media content to show areas of the country where co-existence are subjectively trending downward.